Ken Swift V1 Interview

Saint-Petersburg,Russia based jam organization, V1, did an incredible hour long interview on King Ken Swift. The interview is great because it touches on many aspects that need to be spoken on.

Go Paint Day in Dallas provides event for graffiti artists

DALLAS (AP) — Street taggers don’t have many canvases where they can legally display their work in Dallas. So the recent Go Paint Day at The Fabrication Yard was a welcome relief for graffiti artists eager to show Dallas: We aren’t who you think we are.

The impressive work of graffiti in El Salvador

El Salvador, in Central America is characterized as one of the most violent countries in the world. The problem of gangs in issue it addresses civil society day by day and we see it reflected in the way they communicate through graffiti. As a measure to define territories and areas domain.

Afrika Bambaataa Removed From Universal Zulu Nation Leadership

In the midst of allegations that he molested children, Afrika Bambaataa has reportedly been removed as a leader of the Universal Zulu Nation. The organization made the announcement that it is “under new leadership” on its official website today (May 6).